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Since its creation, the cozy town of Lewisport has weathered the many tests of time. Lewisport is located on U.S. Highway 60 approximately 18 miles east of Owensboro, Kentucky. The town of Lewisport was originally laid out on land donated by James and John Prentis. This location was originally called "Little Yellow Banks." However, the current name is in honor of a very early settler and large landowner, Mr. John Lewis. County records show the town name recorded as early as September 15th, 1839.


The Ohio River has been an important factor in the growth and development of Lewisport.  The river furnished the most important means of transportation and connection to the outside world prior to the railroad.  Even today, many local citizens use the river for its recreational value.  Through the years of Lewisport's history the town had faced many natural disasters.  The river claimed an entire street from town and has spawned several devastating floods.  The town also suffered major destruction by fire.


During the Civil War, many guerrilla bands occupied the town and area.  Once such experience happened when Bill Davison captured a federal boat at Lewisport.  The passengers were robbed and their merchandise was taken.  There were even other instances where guerrilla bands terrorized, fought, and even murdered the residents.  Out of fear for their possessions, residents in the area hid their valuables and horses during the war.  A living memento of the Civil War times is a large cypress tree in the center of town.


Throughout its history, Lewisport has been the home of many businesses and social organizations, which no longer exist today.  Lewisport's only bank was forced out of business by the Great Depression.  Other businesses of the past included the Lewisport Flour Mill and Tom's Ice Cream, both of which were owned and operated by local citizens.  The local Masonic Lodge fraternal organizations thrived until the 1980's.  Other such organizations have long since disbanded.  The Lewisport School System consolidated in 1938, when it consisted of eight local one-room schools.  Today, Lewisport is part of the Hancock County Consolidated School System.

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