Hancock County, kentucky

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Historic Buildings

The Hawes Building
Hawes Building

Rosenblatt's Department Store (est. 1889) operated in this building circa. 1901 until 1978.  The store was the chief cornerstone of Hawesville, where three generations of Rosenblatts conducted their modern and up-to-date department store.  As a side note, the building was referred to as the Tabor building in 1909.

Walter H. 'Pat' Hawes, a descendent of the Hawes family for which Hawesville is named, purchased the building in 1985. He completely renovated the inside and outside of the building and utilizes it as rental property currently the site of Irby's restaurant.

The Allen Building

For over a half century, circa. 1895-1955 this building housed Patterson's Drug Store.  Two generations of druggist, George O. Patterson and Frank H. Patterson, Sr., served the area.  They were members of Kentucky Board of Pharmacy.  For most of its life the store was the prescription center for at least three Hawesville area physicians.

In 1986 Drs. Walt and Patti Allen purchased the building from John McCarty and completed renovation of the building where they now operate their dental practice.

The Nunn Building
Nunn Building

This building was constructed in 1885.  It's longest occupant to date was the Hawesville Deposit Bank, which was a 1917 consolidation of the Hancock Deposit Bank (est.1888) and the Hawesville Bank (est.1904).  The Hawesville Deposit Bank moved to its present location in 1948 and acquired its current name, Hancock Bank and Trust Co., in 1966.

In 1985, one hundred years after its construction, it was purchased by John McCarty, who renovated it and used the building for his law practice.  It was purchased in 2007 by Alexander R. Nunn for his computer programming business and held the offices of Shooting Solutions, LLC, Blue Suns Limited Company and the studio/store of Unique Art and Jewelry.  After Mr. Nunn's tragic death in a car accident in November 2011, the building was sold and now is The Haystack clothing store, boutique, alteration shop and photography studio.