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Hancock 29
(Pictorial Heritage of Hancock County)

In a remarkable gesture to preserve the heritage and history of their county, the citizens of Hancock County, Kentucky, created a unique and priceless collection of art.  At the end of the 1970s, fifteen of Kentucky's finest artist were commissioned by various companies, organizations and individuals in the community to paint selected scenes of the Country's past, present and future.

The title Hancock 29 was selected for the project because the County was formed in 1829. A committee was named to work out the logistics.  This committee was able to secure the services of historian-artist Robert A. Powell as a consultant for the project.  Mr. Powell coordinated the selection of the artist and art. He also edited the histories to accompany the paintings

This outstanding project has created the only permanent exhibit of original work by the Kentucky Heritage Artist. The exhibit on display in the Hancock County Administration Building and the restored Courthouse, includes original work by eleven Kentucky Heritage Artist and four other outstanding Kentucky artist chosen for this project.

Hancock 29 is a credit to the history and heritage of Kentucky. Consider the efforts toward preserving our heritage if every county in every state had the insight and courage to undertake such a marvelous program as this.

This Internet presentation of the Hancock 29 is being produced as a way to share the treasures of this exhibit to those who are not able to visit the display in person. It is impossible, however; to depict the artwork in all its beauty and splendor.

Text is paraphrased from the 'Hancock 29' booklet edited by Robert A. Powell

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