Hancock County Kentucky

Hancock County, Kentucky

Where country living, history, and modern industry come together!            

Other Departments & Agencies

Hancock County Court House

200 Court Square, Hawesville, KY  42348

Hancock County Circuit Court Clerk

Mike Boling                                      (270)927-8144

Local Court Officials Contact Information

Hancock County Archives

Mary Gibbs                                        (270)927-8095

Hancock County Career Center

1605 US Hwy 60 W, Hawesville
Director: Kim McManaway                     (270)927-8066

Vastwood Park

925 Park Road, Hawesville
Supervisor: Scott Powers                    (270)927-8778

Hancock County Road Dept.

695 Hawes Blvd., Hawesville
Supervisor: Ronnie Edge                     (270)927-8777

Hancock County Emergency Services

Hancock County Emergency Management
655 Hawes Blvd., Hawesville
Director: Rick Cox            (270)927-1310    Fax (270)927-1313

Hancock County 911/EMS
655 Hawes Blvd., Hawesville
Director: Damian Rice           (270)927-1310    Fax (270)927-1313

Fire Departments

Hawesville Volunteer Fire Department - (270)927-8498   Fax (270)927-9889
Lewisport Volunteer Fire Department - (270)295-3321    Fax (270)295-3071
South Hancock Volunteer Fire Department (Pellville) - (270)233-3473   Fax (270)233-3473
Dukes Volunteer Fire Department - (270)927-8575   Fax (928)438-2194

Hancock County Rescue Squad


Hancock County Extension Office

1605 US Hwy 60 W, Hawesville          (270)927-6618 

Hancock County Senior Services

295 Main Street, PO Box 203, Hawesville
Program Director: Lona Kratzer    (270)927-8313

Hancock County Museum

110 River Street, Hawesville                (270)927-8672

Hancock County Public Library

240 Court Street, Hawesville               (270)927-6760
Director: Tina Snyder

Hancock County Health Department

175 Harrison Street, Hawesville          (270)927-8803

Hancock County Tourism


Hancock County Dog Warden

Ronnie York                                      (270)922-8172
The dog warden only picks up dogs from 7:00 am – 3:30 pm on weekdays unless there is an emergency.