Hancock County, kentucky

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Chamber of Commerce


  Chamber of Commerce


The Hancock County Chamber of Commerce invites you to join other prestigious members of the business community. Membership in the Chamber is a business expense, a tax-deductible investment in your business. By operating within the Chamber program you will be working alongside others in a cooperative effort to build a better business community.

Our Chamber representative will assist you in preparing the application for your Chamber membership card, and will explain the 'fair share formula' so your annual dues rate can be determined.

Your check should be made payable to the Hancock County Chamber of Commerce. Upon receiving your membership window sticker, we ask that you display it in a prominent place at your business location.

Persons and associations not engaged in a business or profession for profit may also support the Chamber and the business community by applying for an associate membership.

For more information contact the Hancock County Chamber of Commerce at 270-922-0729.